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James Sasitorn

Current AddressAvailable on Request
Email: james at sasitorn dot comHomepage:


Obtain a Teaching Position in Computer Science or System Administration.


Rice University, Houston, TX

  • Ph.D in Computer Science, graduated May 2007. Research Area: Programming Languages, Advisor: Robert “Corky” Cartwright
  • M.S. in Computer Science, graduated May 2005
  • B.A. in Computer Science/Economics graduated May 2001, GPA: 3.89/4.0


  • Programming Languages: Java, Python, Scheme, MetaOCaml
  • Web languages: PHP5, XHTML, CSS, JS, XML, XSLT, XSL:FO, LaTeX
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Sys-admin: Debian GNU/Linux, Apache, BIND, DHCP


John’s Mustang, Houston, TX (1999 – 2009)

  • Developed and maintained custom e-Commerce software.
  • Designed web-based inventory management and invoicing.
  • Setup local network infrastructure, web and PostgreSQL database server.

Computer Science Department, Rice University, Houston TX

  • Research into MixGen Component Language based on First-class Genericity (Spring 2005-Summer 2007)
    • Developed a developmental extension of the NextGen compiler.
    • Implemented support for a component framework based on mixins.
  • Research First-class Genericity for Java (Fall 2002-Spring 2005)
    • Developed a production-level version of the NextGen compiler derived from the Java 5 compiler.
    • Implemented support for polymorphic methods and preliminary support for mixins.
  • Research into static type inference for Java. (Summer 2002)
    • Extended concepts from scheme soft typing to a functional subset of Java.
    • Studied extensions and modifications of Hindley-Milner type inference.
  • Developer for DrJava lightweight IDE. (Summer 2002)
    • Helped maintain and extend functionality of DrJava.

Connexions, ECE Department, Rice University, Houston, TX

  • Utilized XML-based technology for module-based online education.
  • Designed graph based roadmap, Course Composer, and research on user annotations.


Computer Science Department, Rice University, Houston TX

  • Head teaching assistant for Principles of Programming Languages (2002-2005)
    • Helped students with understanding programming language concepts. Developed an automatic grading system and turn in scripts.
  • Teaching assistant for Semantics of Programming Languages (Spring 2004)
    • Assisted students with programming language theory. Graded homework and exams.
  • Teaching assistant for Introduction to Computer Organization (Fall 1999,2000)
    • Employed C to model multicycle, pipeline, and caching processors, used Sparc assembly, assisted students in course work.
  • Teaching assistant for Intermediate Programming (Spring 2000)
    • Used Java to teach object-oriented programming concepts, data structures
      and algorithms, graded assignments, assisted students in course work.


  • Sid Richardson Residental College Computer Associate (Fall 2000)
  • President’s Honor Roll 1998-2003


  • Available on Request

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