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iPhone and iPad Development

Its mid-2010 and as of this past Tuesday, Apple has just overtaken Microsoft as the most valuable technology company in terms of market capitalization and value. This represents a profound paradigm shift in the technology field where once bigger and faster is better to one where design, functionality, and simplicity is paramount. In other words, technology is now not about just raw computational power, but rather how we can integrate technology to simplify our lives and improve the quality of our lives and social relationships.

With all that being said, anyone who has owned or seen an iPod, iPhone, or iPad, or even just used a Mac, will know that Apple has been reorganizing and reinventing the way we interface with computers and smart devices. As a solid Mac user, I am now befuddled by the difficulty and complexity of performing simple tasks on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad, on my Windows PC and Linux machines. In reality its not that Windows and Linux have gotten more complex, its that (1) the number and diversity of tasks I would like to do have increased and (2) the time and energy I can devote for customizing, tweaking, and hacking is a lot less these days. My paradigm now a days is to use technology as a tool to facilitate my daily life.

With the spring semester over, I have a lot more free time, and have decided to try writing software for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I will be blogging the path I am taking and what I have accomplished online. Stay tuned for more.

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